Bucket List

A list of stuff I want to do before my time is up.



  1. 30 Day Freestyle Challenge
  2. 21 Days of No Complaints
  3. Talk to One New Stranger Per Day
  4. Video journal for 30 days
  5. Track your dreams for 30 days
  6. Radical Honesty for 7 days
  7. 30 Days of Complimenting others
  8. No Social Media for 30 days
  9. 7 days with No Phone
  10. Wake up at 5am for 30 days
  11. Pay it Forward for 15 days
  12. Practice Poverty for One Week
  13. 30 Days of Conversations
  14. Secret Gifts for 7 Days
  15. 30 Days of Playing video Games
  16. 30 Days of Documentaries
  17. 30 Days without a Mirror


One Year Projects

  1. Master Memory Skills and qualify based on these criteria on the USA Memory Championship website
  2. Make a Youtube channel with 50 videos and see if you can grow it
  3. Learn magic and develop a magic trick
  4. Play an instrument consistently for a year and become a musician
  5. Be a performance artist to make interesting statements in the public eye
  6. Write children’s books with illustrations
  7. Learn a new dance style
  8. Speak Spanish
  9. Do public speaking in Toastmasters, then branch out.
  10. Learn how to cook at a chef level
  11. Train in a martial arts and compete
  12. Raise a home garden
  13. Learn how to shoot a gun accurately
  14. Record a mixtape and perform
  15. Learn how to surf
  16. Run a podcast with 50 episodes
  17. Start an open gym and train to be big
  18. Learn how to play chess at a competitive level
  19. Start a volunteer group and help the community
  20. Talk to a stranger every day
  21. Train in billiards and compete
  22. Build a motorcycle
  23. Become a photographer and bring your camera everywhere
  24. Become a sculptor and make art out of clay
  25. Train to become a really good freestyler every day
  26. Learn the art of graffiti
  27. Write a drawing/design book
  28. Skateboard
  29. Learn how to breakdance and compete
  30. One year without social media
  31. Do yoga for one year
  32. Film a documentary
  33. Say yes to every invitation
  34. Blog every day
  35. Get really deep into watching movies and the art of it
  36. Do pay it forward project
  37. Change fashion style
  38. Year of travel
  39. Read books outside of self improvement for a year
  40. Write one letter to someone every week
  41. Get really good at darts
  42. Learn sign language
  43. Eat with someone for every meal
  44. Train for Ironman Triathalon



  1. Become conversationally fluent in spoken Spanish
  2. Learn how to properly shoot a pistol and become a marksman
  3. Master a black belt level in a martial art (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga)



  1. Tour Asia and experience all the cultures there
  2. Take one year off and travel the world with whoever wants to join me.
  3. Travel to New York
  4. Visit the Grand Canyon
  5. See the Niagra Falls
  6. Ride camels near the Great Pyramids
  7. Go on a retreat to Machu Pichu
  8. Travel to Rio De Janeiro
  9. Road trip around the U.S. in an RV
  10. Go to the Vatican
  11. Travel to Mecca
  12. Go to Africa
  13. Go to Pompeii
  14. Live in Hawaii (or another surfing city) for 6 months and learn to surf
  15. Eat at the best restaurants in the world
  16. Live abroad and run a non-profit organization to help the local community



  1. Own my own business
  2. Build a business that pays rent for one year
  3. Build a business that pays all my bills
  4. Build a business that profits more than $500,000.00 per year
  5. Help 1 person build a successful business
  6. Launch a successful project on Kickstarter.com
  7. Get an article I write published in a magazine, newspaper, or respected article
  8. Pay credit cards down to $0 balance
  9. Pay student loans down to $0 balance
  10. Build this blog (www.dustindle.com) to a globally recognized design brand
  11. Make $20 per day from the Internet
  12. Make $100 per day from the Internet
  13. Speak publicly in front of 100 people or more



  1. Buy a Samoyed puppy (hypoallergenic) as my buddy upon graduating from design school
  2. Go to the Superbowl when the Seahawks make it again
  3. Record and put out a hip-hop mixtape.
  4. Party in the Playboy Room in Las Vegas
  5. Catch a 50 lb fish
  6. Watch an MMA fight in person
  7. Compete in a billiards tournament and place in the top 3
  8. Host a block party or neighborhood BBQ with basketball, music blasting
  9. Learn how to dance (break, salsa, ballroom, hip-hop)
  10. Catch a wave while surfing
  11. Drive down Highway 1
  12. Work with Pharrell in the studio
  13. Go hunting and eat the meat
  14. go ice fishing
  15. Go into a bar and yell “Drinks on me!” and actually afford the whole tab.
  16. Do something that is newsworthy
  17. Start a podcast to have a reason to have long good conversations with people
  18. Go spearfishing underwater
  19. Attend Burning Man
  20. Attend a rave
  21. Build a tree house
  22. Crowd surf
  23. Get a sleeve tattoo



  1. Design one awesome product that is released into the world
  2. Collaborate with an artist I respect to design a product
  3. Live in different places in the world, work with designers and entrepreneurs all over, and have fun.



  1. Buy a Maserati
  2. Build an in-house gym inside a boxcar sized thing
  3. Build a workshop shelter for design projects, home projects, etc.
  4. Own part of the Seattle Seahawks



  1. Weigh 170 with less than 10% body fat with an athletic build
  2. Bench Press 300 lbs
  3. Squat 300 lbs
  4. Get six pack abs
  5. Be strong enough to work through asthma
  6. Complete 1 marathon type event

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